Healing from Chronic Lyme

A 12-month program that combines three strategies – fighting Lyme & co-infection,
repairing the body, and balancing the immune system to help your body heal.

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Why start the lyme Program

The full Lyme Program takes 12 months and is broken down into 6-week bundles. It walks you through our approach to healing from Chronic Lyme. We combine three strategies fighting lyme & co-infection, repairing the body, and balancing the immune system.

We created this program to help you after you have identified the cause of your symptoms and understand all the tricks Lyme can pull on your body. Starting with Lyme Bundle 1 the Lyme Program is designed for you to take each bundle twice for a total of 3 months on each bundle. You should be able to do all 4 Lyme bundles in a year at the recommended dosages and timeline.

In my experience:
1% of people see significant improvement in 1 month
15% of people see significant improvement in 6 months
75% of people see significant improvement in 12 months

How to get started…

Balance & Detox

Starting with what we like to call the base for all our bundles Cat’s Claw and Japanese Knotweed for immune support and anti-inflammatory for brain, joint, and cardiovascular inflammation. The base also contains Herx Calm, which has immune-balancing and detoxification-supporting properties. These 3 products are the same in each of the Lyme bundles. What changes between the bundles are the killers. These attack persistent forms of tick-borne infections like Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia.  In speaking with many different Lyme providers, and in my own experience, I have found layering in 2-3 killers at a time and rotating them is a far superior approach.

Attack Lyme and Co-infections

Each Lyme bundle has 2-3 different herbs in it designed to attack and kill Lyme and its co-infections.  Before you ask, yes I tried using a combination of all the killers at once and it did not go well.  I have found using 2 to 3 at a time and rotating through them has given me and the patients I have helped in my clinic the best results with the fewest side effects.  I rarely use combination-killing products…as I found too many people had harsh reactions and if a product had 7 ingredients I didn’t know what you were reacting to in the mixture and couldn’t troubleshoot what was happening to you and people got stalled out.  Using killers in rotation like this has been much more successful. 

Why rotating killers is extremely important

To take a complicated immunological concept and make it extremely simple…These bugs are smart.  They are genetically trying to adapt to your body and survive while your immune system is trying to hunt them down.  Buhner talks about how each person with Lyme Disease has a genetically unique disease that has adapted to their body.  Because Lyme is designed to adapt to a tick and adapt to a deer and adapt to a mouse and adapt to you…your Lyme Disease is not exactly like anyone else’s.  Also, it is not exactly like the strain of Lyme Disease in any study.  Rotating through the killers helps you find herbs that react well to your specific, genetically unique bug.  Rotating through killers also helps ensure the bugs are not able to morph and adjust and become resistant to your protocol.  This is a key point I don’t think Lyme doctors communicate very well!  Almost all Lyme doctors (doctors who spend a considerable amount of their practice helping people with Lyme) do NOT have a static protocol for Lyme.  They ALL are rotating through different killers over time.  In my experience rotating the killers about every 3 months is a good rule of thumb.


As we fight Lyme and co-infection we also need to repair the body as we go and work with it to kill a persistent infection. We are most interested in nutrients for 2 purposes.

1. Immune essentials such as B5, B9, Vitamin A, C, D, K2, Zinc, Copper, Cysteine, and Selenium are nutrients your immune system needs to function well.

2. We also want the nutrients your body requires to heal and recover.  Even if you get rid of Lyme you may not feel better until your body repairs the damage that has been done. If you have Lyme, you often need to repair nerves, joints, mitochondria, and blood vessels.

We recommend a quality multi-vitamin such as Multi-Complete. This will better your chances for success and replenish the nutrients your body is using at an accelerated rate to try and repair the damage being done as your body fights persistent Lyme.

Balance the Immune System

Throughout the process of this program, we try and watch and maintain symptoms because this is our body telling us what it needs. Start by adding in one of these adrenal support products and take it during the program.

Cordyceps is my favorite energy tonic and my first choice if your main symptom is crushing fatigue.  It is not a stimulant, so it does not give you jitters like caffeine, but over a few months it can nourish your energy pathways and help you have better-sustained energy.  It also has immune-balancing properties.


Ashwagandha is a terrific herb on many levels.  This is my choice if your main symptom is neuropathy or anxiety.  While ashwagandha can also help with energy, I have found its nerve-calming properties absolutely essential for many people suffering from Lyme.  While it is calming, it is not a sedative so it doesn’t leave you groggy.  It acts in a slow and smooth way, so that, over time, your hyperactive nervous system can calm down.


Licorice is considered an herbal synergist that can enhance the effectiveness of the rest of your protocol.  This is my choice if you struggle with POTS.  For many with POTS, the addition of licorice and a healthy salt can help you be more functional and support your adrenals and immune system while healing from Lyme.

Co-infection Products

Over 93% of patients with chronic Lyme have at least one co-infection. If you have symptoms and/or test positive for the co-infections Bartonella, Babesia, or Anaplasma add on each additional pair of products from the corresponding add-on.  These add-on packs are designed to be the 2 most important supports for fighting each of these co-infections. One product is aimed at repairing the part of the body that each co-infection damages and the other is designed to help counteract the co-infection’s chief strategy for surviving in your system.  These are not meant to be taken alone!  They are balanced and meant to be taken with any of the 4 Lyme bundles.

How to move between bundles

Lyme bundle 1 to Lyme bundle 2:

When you finish the oregano, replace it with garlic. When you finish the crypto, replace it with neem.  Add in the Chinese skullcap before or after, but make sure it is a week away from the other additions.  Remember when adding new killers I recommend you start at half dose for 3 days and then bump up to the full dose to try and reduce unnecessary herx reactions.

Lyme bundle 1 to Lyme bundle 2:

When you finish the garlic replace it with clove. When you finish the neem replace it with wormwood.  Once again when adding in new killers I recommend you start at half dose for 3 days and then bump up to the full dose to try and reduce unnecessary herx reactions.

Lyme bundle 3 to Lyme bundle 4:

When you finish the clove replace it with cinnamon. When you finish the wormwood replace it with black walnut.  These are products research has shown have killing properties so start them at half dose for 3 days before going up to the full recommended dose.

Start your journey & heal from Lyme

FAQ’s for our Lyme Community

What do I do once I test negative?

Let’s say by 6 months or 12 months you test negative.  We slowly (one by one) remove the products from the add ons and Lyme bundles at rate of 2 products a week.  If symptoms return when you take away a product add it back in.

What do I do after I test negative?

Reference the picture.  When you are done killing Lyme and co-infections…we recommend continuing to support your body with raw materials and nutrients your body needs to heal.  This is when we also start doing more physical and neurological activity to work your body back into higher functioning.

What if you feel very good on a particular Lyme bundle?

If you make a big step forward in your health.  Then I generally recommend doing that bundle for double the recommended time.  This means 6 months instead of the normal 3.

What if you feel bad on a particular set of killers?

Take it away for about a week and try a lower dose.  If you can’t even handle ¼ the recommended dose then I recommend skipping that particular product or you may need to work with a functional medicine doctor to customize your protocol.

Can I have co-infections but not have Lyme?

Yes!  Although this is rare, it certainly can happen.  I tell people in the office Lyme is like Jennifer Aniston from Friends.  Definitely the most famous Friend…but you can run into the others too.  If you have co-infections without Lyme I practically recommend you take the above program.

Why do I recommend retesting at 6 months?

It is very common to kill part, but not all of the Lyme and co-infections by 6 months.  For example, if you have Lyme and Babesia I frequently will see at the 6-month mark one of the two things gone (Lyme or Babesia) and the other one still present.  It is encouraging to see progress on labs and especially important if…

When will you feel better?

Some people feel incrementally better as they get rid of each bug they make slow and steady progress.  Other people seem to need to fix a critical mass of the problem before they really see improvement.  For example, if you have push pins stuck in your foot and I remove 1 of them will you feel 50% better?  The answer is no!  You will feel better after both pins get out and your foot has some time to heal the holes in it.  It can be this way with Lyme and co-infections.  Sometimes you need to get them all out and give your body some time to heal and recover.

What if I feel really good on a bundle? Do I have to move onto the next bundle?

No! If you feel really good on a bundle I recommend you stay on that bundle for 4 cycles (instead of the normal 2).