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Dr. Warren’s Anaplasma Add On is specifically designed to help people who are suffering from Chronic Anaplasma, most commonly alongside Chronic Lyme. It is essential to help the immune system and the liver as most of Anaplasma’s long-term symptoms have to do with inhibiting Neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) and normal liver function. This combination is designed to be taken alongside Dr. Warren’s NutriRestore Lyme Bundles for optimal results.


  • Provides key herbs help promote healthy liver function
  • Contains immune regulating herbs to balance cytokines and inflammation
  • Protects Mitochondria for energy production
  • Supports healthy spleen function for strong white blood cells


  1. Red Sage: 1/2 tsp, 2x/day with or without food
  2. Liver Support Liquid: 1/2 tsp caps, 2x/day with or without food

These are our general guidelines. See FAQ for common modifications/customizations

Does Not Contain
Shellfish, gluten, yeast, artificial colors and flavors.

Do not consume this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician for further information.

Candida Signs and Symptoms
Candida Signs and Symptoms


Red Sage

Red sage is my favorite liver-supporting herb for patients in my office with tickborne illnesses. It is especially vital for anyone with Anaplasma because of Anaplasma’s love for causing havoc in the liver. Another key feature is Red Sage’s immune balancing properties that are important in Anaplasma. Because Anaplasma directly infects Neutrophils (a type of white blood cell), it is a classic case of the fox invading the hen house. After Anaplasma infects these cells, it disables them so that the body is unable to adequately fight and clear the bacteria, thus allowing it to survive. Red Sage is particularly good at balancing out the immune’s system ability to fight Anaplasma that is trying to literally survive inside your own white blood cells.

Liver Support Liquid

I cannot stress enough how active Anaplasma is at inhibiting good liver function. Indeed, most of the symptoms from Anaplasma are truly driven from a downstream, domino effect of the liver not functioning optimally. Three of our favorite herbal combinations for supporting the liver are featured in Liver Support Liquid. It contains silymarin and Oregon grape root, two herbs famous for supporting liver function. It also contains yellow dock, which aids in emptying bowels. While silymarin is extremely common in any liver herbal formula, I find it to be protective of the liver but not particularly boosting of liver function all by itself. The addition of the Oregon grape was a big find in my career that helped me get better results than when I used a silymarin based product alone.

Map of Lyme disease reported cases in 2019 across the United States

Why We Love Our Lymes Bundles

Our Lyme bundles are designed to support the body in 4 specific areas that are vital for you to heal from Chronic Lyme. I adapted this model from a strategy published by the Johns Hopkins Lyme Research Team.

This picture sums up the contrast between the oversimplified view of chronic Lyme to the medical profession and the more comprehensive view I believe is necessary for you to truly heal.

  1. Attack Lyme and Co-infections: The part that most people intuitively know. Several herbs have been shown to be extremely useful against the chronic or persister version of Lyme and other co-infections. These herbs can help reduce the infection load down so our immune system can “mop up” the rest of the Lyme Disease and finish the job (an analogy from the Columbia research team).
  2. Balancing the Immune System: Excess inflammation contributes to many symptoms, but we need the immune system to be healthy and strong in order to finish the job and help in killing any chronic microbes such as Lyme.
  3. Repairing the Body’s Raw Materials: Unfortunately, the war between your immune system and Lyme Disease/Co-infections takes place in your body. As a side effect we can get damage to nerves, joints, mitochondria, the cardiovascular system, and other parts of your body. A key part to improving your symptoms (how you feel) is helping your body repair and recover with the right raw materials.
  4. Rebuilding the Body through physical and neurological exercises: We all know if you want to get stronger you need to exercise. Nutrition and hormones and protein help but they only help if you use the arms. Similarly, you will get the best results at the end of your program by exercising your body and mind to regain your stamina and re-strengthen your body.

This bundle is designed to be part of Dr. Warren’s more complete support program for Lyme recovery. For more information please reference Dr. Warren’s Lyme Program Guide.


Why do I hear about Lyme, Bartonella, and Babesia but don’t hear a lot about Anaplasma?
I believe Anaplasma is a much bigger problem than most Lyme doctor’s realize (possibly because it caused my wife so much trouble). If you look at the map, you can also see that it is a huge problem in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but most of the Lyme research is still driven by institutions in the New England or West Coast area. I believe it will take the University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, or the Mayo Clinic really jumping on board to shed light on Anaplasma’s role in all this. Alas, the Midwest institutions still believe Chronic Lyme is all made up like Dorthy in the land of Oz… 🙁.
Can the herbal tinctures be combined together?
Yes, you can mix any herbs together. The easier you can make it to take consistently, the better.
What do I do if the herx effects are overwhelming or “show stopping” from the Red Sage?
In general, my recommendation if you have a negative effect from one of the products is to take it out for a week and try it again at half the recommended dose. If you cannot tolerate things even at half dose it may be best to work directly with a professional who can better customize a program to something your body can tolerate. I have found it difficult to clear Anaplasma in many people without Red Sage. If you are having difficulty with Red Sage there is a high possibility you have a simultaneous toxicity with a pesticide/herbicide or mold. The combination of Anaplasma inhibiting the liver and then dumping a toxin on you your liver needs to clear is especially problematic.
What if I can’t tolerate anything?
Nearly all of my patients who are extremely sensitive and cannot tolerate any sort of therapy have the combination of Anaplasma which negatively impacts the liver alongside a toxic exposure (the most common is mold, or a pesticide/herbicide). Unwinding the Anaplasma and mold/toxin loop is my primary goal in these patients. More information on mold detoxification to come. It may be necessary for you to first tackle that problem before your body will allow you to make progress on the Lyme, but it is also extremely difficult to detoxify if Anaplasma is inhibiting good liver function. It is a loop that we must find a way to break so you can get on the road to health.


Always be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new nutritional supplement when pregnant or nursing. For children, we recommend speaking with your child's pediatrician regarding proper dosing. Store away from children.