Why We Created NutriRestore

Health Problems Invading Your Life Can Be Devastating

Hello, and thank you for visiting NutriRestore. We, Dr. Paul Deglmann and Dr. Kyle Warren, have been functional medicine chiropractors since 2003 and 2010, respectively. We know what it’s like to be sick or have someone you care about deeply become sick. We can relate to what it feels like when your goals, dreams and life aspirations just aren’t reachable because of your health. Through helping our own families, and now over 5,000 patients, with various chronic health problems, we hope the education and products we’ve provided can help you and your family be healthier and do the things in life you want to do.

The Most Important Question: What is The Cause of Your Disease? Why Are You Sick?

We believe you can break down disease into two broad categories.

1. If you are sick, you may have inflammatory triggers that need to be removed. These triggers could include bacteria, heavy metals, mold toxicity, food allergies/sensitivities, a tick-borne illness, along with several other possible triggers, that need to be removed from your environment because it is poisoning you and making you sick. Only by removing that trigger, can you get better. This is like putting out the fire of a burning house.

2. If you are sick, you may also be deficient in key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or antioxidants that help your body function optimally by producing cellular energy. These nutrients are like the lumbar for the house or the building blocks your body needs to maximize its healing potential.

We Test and Retest to Make Sure Things Work

In our clinic, we prefer to do highly specific testing to find the triggers to remove and the nutrients to add. By doing this on over 5,000 patients, we’ve been able to verify supplements that work for most patients and toss out the failures. These are products we’ve found that are sourced, extracted and produced in a way that helps get results. You don’t have to try 6 different garlics or magnesiums to find which one works best. We did it for you!

We as doctors were astounded at the vast quality difference in the supplement world. We tried countless brands and manufacturers trying to find things that would work consistently with our patients. The fruits of this labor turned into us formulating a product line called NutriRestore.

Manufacturing Standards for Your Safety – Don’t Be Fooled

Do you think that the cheap supplement you bought is high-quality? Unfortunately, the counterfeit supplement industry is billions of dollars per year. We still remember the first time it happened in our office. We had a patient get a supplement online that was from a well-known brand. The label looked exactly the same as the products we carried, but this company doesn’t sell their products online. We sent it to the manufacturing company and got a call back. It wasn’t made by the company! It was a fake product with a counterfeit label of a well-known brand! So what was actually in the product? We have no idea and that’s scary.

We also remember asking one of the manufacturers why turmeric was on back order and they replied the raw material didn’t pass quality control standards. It was contaminated with lead. How much lead do you want in your turmeric?

When you buy a supplement, you need to know what’s on the label is really what’s in the bottle. You need to know the herbs were processed in a way that kept them as bioactive as possible. You need to know that it doesn’t have contaminants in it. That’s why at NutriRestore we use:

  • GMP certified manufacturing facilities
  • Gluten-free sources
  • Non-GMO sources
  • Quality control testing of raw materials and end products
  • Contaminate testing for pesticides, metals and other contaminants

From Health Clinic to Opening a Nutrition Brand – The Health Problems Are Too Big For Just Our Clinic

Even though we are seeing patients in our clinic, there is still a huge gaping hole that we weren’t able to fill…. until now. As you know, there are a lot of people out there who are sick and don’t know why. For Lyme Disease alone, there are up to 20,000 people from just Minnesota and Wisconsin getting chronic complications that are being missed by the current healthcare system. This isn’t to mention other poorly cared-for conditions like gut dysfunction, autoimmunity, neurological conditions, and many more. You may be one of the people falling through the cracks of our medical system. Test after test. Appointment after appointment with no answers.

We always welcome you to our clinic for specific testing but realize this isn’t feasible for everyone. If you can’t run specific testing, leverage our experience and education to try and make the best decisions for your health and use products that have a good reputation and track record.

If a problem seems unsolvable, start by removing inflammatory triggers (metals, molds, ticks, bacteria, foods) and adding in high quality nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids).

This is why we created NutriRestore. Our goal is to educate you and give you as many resources as possible to help you make the best decision for your health. The name NutriRestore was created because we believe you can use Nutrition to help Restore your health.